Yoga is from the Sanskrit word yuj, meaning "to yoke".Yoga is just that - a yoking of different sides and forces of the self, through various techniques. Most yoga practiced in the West, including Power Yoga, is based on the type of yoga called Hatha Yoga. The root "ha" means "solar" and the root "tha" means "lunar". Hatha Yoga, then, is the balancing or yoking together of the solar and lunar aspects of the self. All forms of movement yoga are based on Hatha Yoga.

Most people think of "powerful" people as being people that control events and others outside of themselves. In reality, power is innate. It comes from within ourselves. We are born with it. We only need to know it and use it. Power Yoga helps you to release your natural, innate and often "blocked" power.

Power Yoga is a moving, flowing form of yoga that is almost dance-like in its grace. In Power Yoga, we tie traditional (and non-traditional) yoga poses together to affect many different aspects of the body with an entire routine. Traditional Hatha Yoga tended more to work specific areas and hold poses to strengthen certain areas. Power Yoga strings these together to bring out the natural, innate power of movement in the human body.

Power Yoga is beneficial when practiced alone or combined with other interests and activities. Geo explains that the heart is the base from which we work. Each movement, from feet upward to the brain, places the muscles in balancing positions. One valuable byproduct - we "wash" the brain with blood as we reverse gravity and hold time still.

Power Yoga allows us to move, work our muscles, and really get somewhere. Power Yoga builds strength and endurance fast, giving you the results you want quickly, but it also works another kind of magic on the hurried, frayed, overworked bodies and minds who practice it. Gradually, subtly, it teaches you how to slow down when you need to slow down. It calms, clears, and brightens the mind so that you can work smart and live in a healthy way. It clarifies.