Geo, you are amazing! I was a dancer in highschool and college and have been religious about exercise since as long as I can remember. As I have entered into my later 20s I hit a rut, physically and mentally. A few months ago I hit a really rough patch in my personal life and I felt like I needed a big change. My mom, a yoga instructor, had pushed me to try yoga but I was never enthusiastic about group exercise so I didn't give it a chance. I work across the street from YogaWorks in Laguna Beach so I decided to just go for it. My first class I went to was your Sunday Power Yoga a few months ago and it has honestly changed my life. You brought back a light within me that had been stifled under stress and emotional baggage. Your words in class are inspirational and have encouraged me to reconnect with my strength and spirituality. Thank you so very much for empowering me and reminding me (weekly) to keep my head up and continue forward on my path with a fearless wide open heart..."not afraid of living, not afraid of loving." Words cannot express my gratitude.
- L. Giuliano

"I'm a 21 year old college student. I first bought your Idiot's Guide when I was in high school, but soon after I shoved it in a closet and forgot about it. When I came home for a week earlier this summer, I dug it out and decided to give it another shot. I started out slowly, only doing a few exercises at first, but quickly began adding more and more to my routine. Frankly, I became addicted to it. I love it. It's put me not only in great shape physically, but also mentally and emotionally. I'm learning to let go of things in my past, things I regret, things I can't change. To put it simply, you've changed my life. And I just wanted to send my deepest, heartfelt thanks.
- D.M., Athens, Ohio

"The cleasing retreat to Mallorca was the most incredible experience of my life. It purified my body and changed the way I see the world.The diet consisted of all natural foods, pure vegetables and fruits. The meals were simple, yet delicious. The day began with lemon water and concluded with herbal tea, both so pure and delicious, I was able to abstain from caffine - a task I previously considered impossible.I learned to moderate my calorie intake, and was able to lose 10 pounds and inches off my waist, legs and arms , in less than a week. I also learned tips for eating healthy that I have carried on into my daily life.The exercise was vigorous and challenging. Daily hikes grew longer and more strenuous as the scenery grew increasingly pristine and secluded. However, my will power enabled me to complete every task. The powerful yoga postures were invigorating, and the guided meditation allowed me to enter new depths spiritually. The daily massages rejuvenated my body & spirit.Overall, this is one of the rare life experiences that cannot be missed and will affect your body, mind and soul far into the future."
-E. Olsen, Laguna Beach, Age 21

Information about the Mallorca Retreat

"I've been taking Geo's Yoga classes for the past 6 years and I'm in the best shape ever! Geo's postures flow perfectly from one to the next in the most natural sequence, building strength, flexibility and stamina. I'm able to do the full 10 push-up sets toward the end of the class with even more energy than the first set! (boy style push-ups!) When I go on vacation I take Geo's CDs and DVDs on my iPod so I don't have to miss out. I'll be celebrating my 50th birthday this year and because of Geo's classes I'm looking & feeling younger & younger !"
Elizabeth R. - Laguna Beach
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"I used to take Geo's Yoga class at Yoga Works Costa Mesa in 2004. Even though I moved back to Tokyo, his Yoga style is the best for me. None of Yoga studio in Tokyo inspires me more than Geo's..." - E.N., Tokyo, Japan
"I have been doing Fearless Flexibility for about the last year. Sometimes 6 days/wk but usually 7. In the prior years I have suffered terrible back and neck pain with many rounds of physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments that NEVER helped and only made my pain more intense. Geo has allowed me to function on a daily basis and even hold a part time job. My husband does it with me. We are both impressed with the mustle tone we have maintained. My husband has given up lifting free weights for the body-weight exercises provided by Geo. WE LOVE IT and cannot imagine our lives without these workouts!" - C.S., Lakewood, Colorado
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"Geo gave me an awesome foundation for proper form and technique in yoga (not to mention flexibility and strength). For the first time I actually craved 'exercise'!!" - S.M., Kirkwood, Missouri
"Geo's Yoga class has given me a lot of motivation and energy. It's a good way to start the day" - G.C., Irvine, California
"I am stronger now that I have been since my heart condition began
in 1992. Thank you!!!"
"Geo is the best! All of my life I have been heavily involved in physical activities; swimming, aerobics, running, etc. Never have I received such benefits as I have from Geo's Power Yoga. I can't say enough about how great I feel after attending one of Geo's classes. He is truly a "healer" for the mind, body and soul".
"I have become much more stronger and flexible. Even though I have used free weights for many years, Power Yoga has made me much stronger and it has also made me feel less stressed on a daily basis. Finding Geo and his Power Yoga has been a godsend. Can't live without it".
"Thank you for your wonderful classes and inspiration. Yoga has changed my life, not only physically but it has given me an inner focus and calmness I have never experienced before".
"Geo's yoga creates a passion amongst his students that subscribe to not just yoga, but "power yoga". Combining flexibility, balance, and
strengthening, each class experience is as satisfying as the first, in terms of the focus and benefit he delivers and his students. Thank you Geo for sharing your Power Yoga".
"First, great site, who did this work? Second, thank you for serving and risking your life for your country. Third, you are a totally cool dude and I appreciate you in my life. Whips my butt into shape, thank you".
"Geo... Your yoga has helped me in so many ways. I feel stronger, more focused, and more peaceful. As time goes on these feelings increase more and more. You are the most wonderful teacher as well as person. I thank you for making a difference in my life".
"I truly enjoy your classes but must admit that it is your positive spirit
that I adore ... the true meaning of yoga".
"As the end of my first year of yoga approaches, I can only say
that you are a true " Healer", and I simply say "thank you" for helping
me physically and mentally through a year of challenges met and lessons learned, ( I hope )".
"I feel very blessed to have had the chance to learn and practice power yoga in your Saturday morning class for several years now. For me the class is an oasis to which I am drawn after a week which tends to drain much of the positive energy from me. I can come away from your class with a sense of renewal and with an open heart. I hope
you sense how much of a contribution you make to our lives".
"Geo, you are such a treasure to all of us that attend your classes. Your personality and expertise is something I look forward to every chance I get".
"I truly enjoy your yoga class more than any other class. It is always inspiring to me to be around people who love what they do, as it shows and you definitely come across as genuine and compassionate to all the students in your classes".

"I take at the Sports Club Irvine when I can. Since I live in Long Beach and work in Culver City, I usually only make the Sunday class. I like Geo's class because he seems to genuinely care about his students and the competition thing (who can do the pose the best) you see so much in some yoga classes doesn't exist. Also, I think this type of yoga is more accessible to most of us because it's fun and relaxed".